Who is Certegy?

For over 45 years, Certegy has delivered check authorization and check cashing services to a wide variety of businesses and financial institutions throughout the world. We are committed and dedicated to protecting businesses from potential fraud and loss while safeguarding consumers from unwarranted or unlawful use of their checking account information.

Certegy is committed to the ongoing education to our merchants and their customers. We believe it is important to educate and arm you with the necessary information to assist you in understanding how to secure your personal information and to continue to write checks with security at your favorite retail establishments.

Fraud is Certegy’s number one enemy in the marketplace and merchants have come to rely on Certegy to help them confidently accept checks from their customers. Certegy provides check authorization and payroll check cashing services for businesses that accept checks in their store, online, over the phone, and through the mail.

How you can help to Prevent Check Fraud

Certegy wants to make sure consumers take preventive steps to defend against potential check fraud. Always remember to protect your valuables and your identity. Never leave anything in your car that reveals your address, social security number, and checking account information, such as your check book, pay stubs, bank deposit slips, or canceled checks. Shred your old returned checks and destroy or store in a safe place any unused identification cards, check books or credit cards.

Here are some simple best practices and tips when ordering, writing, mailing, and reconciling your checks:

Ordering Checks

• Do not order checks from unknown web sites or from telemarketers phoning your home. Order checks from a reputable check printer or from your financial institution.

• When requesting or ordering new checks from your financial institution do not pre-print your social security number, drivers license or state issued ID card, or your phone number on your checking account order.

Writing Checks

• Write checks in permanent blue or black ink that cannot be easily washed, smeared or altered.

• When writing the amount of the check, do not leave spaces or gaps that can be used to alter the amount of your check.

Mailing Checks

• Prevent your checks from showing through envelopes by using security envelopes or by folding a piece of paper around the check before mailing.

• Thieves will open unattended mail boxes and take letters and bills that are traditionally sent around the 1st and 15th of the month. If you are sending a check through the mail, hand it directly to your US Postal Service Mail Carrier or drop it off at a US Postal Box.

Reconciling and Safeguarding Your Checking Account

• Whether using paper statements or online banking tools, it is important to reconcile your checking account promptly.

• If using online banking, check your account periodically for any unusual activity or withdrawals that are unaccounted for.

• Report any discrepancies immediately to your financial institution.

• Keep your checks in a safe place that is not easily visible or accessible.

• Shred left over deposit slips after all the checks have been used.

• "Go Green" and move to online banking for your monthly statements and shred paper statements that have been reconciled.